Marketing Analysis

Analysis of your current brand strategy, market and competitors.

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Marketing Strategy

Definition of your target and segmentation, identification of your brand and positioning.

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Marketing campaigns

Development of your marketing strategy, content, platforms and planning.

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San Francisco is the sixth-most-populous urban agglomeration in North America with over 7M people. If customers don’t know about your products or services, you can be the best in the world but they won’t buy it.

Developing your visibility is a must to generate sales and grow your business. The budget dedicated to marketing is always a big question and too often entrepreneurs don't make it a priority. To make the return on investment worth the cost, establishing a strategy is key and will help increase your visibility in the most efficient way.

When developing your activity, failure shouldn't be an option but growth an obligation with decisive marketing solutions.

There are 3 keys to success: talent, hard work and a solid plan. If I can't help you with the first ones, I can guide you to build the marketing strategy that will lead you to success. 


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Marketing consulting is my expertise and if you don’t have time to analyze and measure your current marketing strategy, manage your campaigns or keep up with the marketing trends.

If you don't have the budget to employ a full-service marketing or PR agency.

If you'd rather collaborate with an expert who will be working closer to you and understand your needs call on a consultant is a good solution.