Marketing Analysis

The first step is to audit your current brand strategy and marketing plan to identify how to improve it. Combined to an analysis of your market and competitor and establish a diagnostic of your company.

Marketing Strategy

With the results of the previous analysis, I help you define your target and segmentation, identify your unique value proposition and positioning.

Build your brand, marketing campaign, content strategy and planning.

Finally, we determine the resources and tools needed to execute the marketing plan (staff, software, communication medium...).

Marketing Campaigns

I create or refer to my partners to create and design your marketing tools and platforms such as brochures, flyers, content, social medias...

A consistent communication and steady meetings to follow up on the marketing plan and adjust if needed.

Developing your visibility isn't an overnight work and for the results to be optimum I believe in frequently analyzing them and adapt the marketing strategy as needed.


Visibility and consistency

In a competitive market, where customers are overwhelmed by the offer, it is a must for you to communicate with a clear and consistent message about your brand, products and services.

Your marketing is your window to the world and has a key role to play in your business outcomes.

How I can help...

My role as a consultant is to help you optimize your existing resources, establish concepts, improve decision-making and effectively oversee execution for better return on investment (ROI).

I help you define your identity, brand position and message as well as a thorough plan to develop your strategy.



If you don’t have time to analyze and measure your current marketing strategy, manage your campaigns or keep up with the marketing trends.

If you don't have the budget to employ a full-service marketing or PR agency.

If you'd rather collaborate with an expert who will be working closer to you and understand your needs call on a consultant is a good solution.