What services do I offer? Rates?

As a consultant, my work is to find new ways of establishing connections between you and potential customers. I help you develop a new brand position or optimize your existing resources, I collaborate with you to define your identity, products and services, and strategies that will drive leads, increase loyalty and grow revenue.

Developing your visibility is a must to generate sales and grow your business. Being seen by a large audience and being differentiate by the public thanks to a clear message, a visual identity that people will recognize is necessary to your business development.

The budget dedicated to marketing is always a big question and too often entrepreneurs, small business owners don’t make it a priority by lack of capital. However, the way you promote yourself is your window to the rest of the world. Just like you need to pay for material, software or any other tool that you need to practice your activity, marketing is your tool to get clients. Which is why, to make the return on investment worth the cost, establishing a strategy is key and will help increase your visibility in the most efficient way.

When developing your activity, failure shouldn’t be an option, even less failure due to lack of visibility. When you invest as much time, energy and money as you do when starting your business, growth and success become an obligation that decisive marketing solutions help you reach.


I offer 3 types of services:

  • Marketing Analysis

The first step is to audit your current brand strategy and marketing plan to identify how to improve it. Combined to an analysis of your market and competitor and establish a diagnostic of your company.

Having a better knowledge of your industry, what your competitors are and how they market themselves, help you determine what are the factors of success and identify what is your unique value. How are you different? How are you better? What do you have to offer more than the existing companies? What the needs are on this market?

The analysis leads to a diagnostic and this is on this unique value proposition of yours that your marketing will be based on.

  • Marketing Strategy

From the diagnostic previously established, I help you define your main question. How can you become a leader on your field? Identify your target and segmentation, define your unique value proposition and positioning.

Build your brand, marketing campaign, content strategy and planning. All the elements of your strategy should contribute to answer that question.

Finally, we determine the resources and tools needed to execute the marketing plan (staff, software, communication medium…) and build the budget plan as well.

  • Development of the Strategy

I can create and design your marketing tools and platforms such as brochures, flyers, content, social medias… or if my technical skills don’t allow me to keep the execution “in house”, I will refer to my partners or your staff and oversee the project execution.

As a project manager, I am the contact between you and the different actors of your campaign. This facilitate communication, decision-making and development of your marketing allowing you to focus on what you are good at, have time and energy for.

A consistent communication and steady meetings to follow up on the marketing plan and adjust if needed.

Developing your visibility isn’t an overnight work and for the results to be optimum I believe in frequently analyzing them and adapt the marketing strategy as needed.

In a competitive market, where customers are overwhelmed by the offer, it is a must for you to communicate with a clear and consistent message about your brand, products and services. Your marketing has a key role to play in your business outcomes.

How I can help…

Ask yourself those questions:

  • Do you have the time to analyze and measure your current marketing strategy, manage your campaigns or keep up with the marketing trends?
  • Do you have the budget to employ a full-service marketing or PR agency?
  • Do you want to collaborate with an expert who will be working closer to you and understand your needs?

In this case, call on a consultant is a good solution.

My role as a consultant is to help you optimize your existing resources, establish concepts, improve decision-making and effectively oversee execution for better ROI.

I help you define your identity, brand position and message as well as a thorough plan to develop your strategy.


  • How much do you charge?

My fees may vary depending on the execution and whether I need to call on subcontractors. If so, my services include project management which means that I will be the contact between you and the specialists and I will oversee the execution of your strategy and plan.

There are 3 possible ways depending on your project, the resources needed and budget.

  • You hire me for a precise, short-term project. In this case, I charge an hourly fee of $65 and you can purchase a block of hours.
  • You need my services for a bigger project that will require more time and development. Charging you with an hourly fee would become too expensive and will make more difficult to keep track of the expenses. So, I evaluate how much my services and the execution of your project would cost and I charge a fixed rate for it. A down payment will be required in order for me to start and the rest will be due after delivery.
  • You want to develop a partnership with me on a long-term project. Then we can establish a retainer. Here again, a down payment will be due at signature and then it will be a monthly fee.

Whichever plan we agree on, working with me reduces the time, actors and resources needed which keep the consulting costs down for a better ROI.

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